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Adesso Partners with LAUNCH By FLAACOs to Revolutionize Women's Cardiac Care

Innovative Collaboration Aims to Improve Health Outcomes and Reduce Healthcare Costs for Women Nationwide

Adesso by Heart-Tech Health

Jacksonville, FL, October 5, 2023 -- Adesso, the groundbreaking software solution for women's heart health and cardiac prevention developed by Heart-Tech Health, is thrilled to announce a game-changing partnership with LAUNCH by FLAACOs, a prominent healthcare solutions provider. This strategic alliance is set to revolutionize women's cardiac care, elevate health outcomes, and reduce long-term healthcare costs for women nationwide.

"Our collaboration with LAUNCH marks a significant milestone for our company. They understand our vision, appreciate our value, and are working closely with us to create a profound impact. Together, we've fine-tuned our offering to effectively meet the core needs of value-based care physicians. Their deep industry knowledge, coupled with our innovative product and my experience in women's heart prevention, makes for an ideal partnership. This is a game-changer for women's healthcare." Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, CEO and Founder of Heart-Tech Health

At the heart of this partnership lies Adesso, a revolutionary SaaS (Software as a Service) suite designed to identify cardiac risk at an earlier stage. Developed by one of the nation's leading preventative cardiologists, Adesso offers a proprietary, comprehensive risk assessment and personalized health and wellness programs that are fully insured. These programs aim to improve access to care for all women, ensuring they receive the attention and care they deserve.

Adesso features a suite of powerful tools and services, including the Adesso Heart Score™, enabling women to discover their heart risk, and My Adesso™, facilitating the creation and tracking of their personalized prevention journey. This comprehensive platform encourages compliance, tracks behavioral changes, and facilitates remote patient monitoring. For healthcare providers, the Adesso Clinical Portal provides an efficient way to track data, ensuring better outcomes and collaborative behavior change with their patients through a medically validated personalized prevention strategy.

"Our collaboration with Adesso has been nothing short of extraordinary. Cardiac disease has silently afflicted women for years, and Adesso offers a proven care path to detect issues early and mitigate long-term risks. Reducing the long-term cost of care is crucial, but what's even more significant is keeping people healthy and enabling them to lead prosperous lives. Adesso achieves both of these objectives, and we anticipate exponential growth in the months and years ahead." Jeff Cohen, CEO of LAUNCH by FLAACOs

The partnership between Heart-Tech Health's Adesso and LAUNCH promises to set a new standard for women's cardiac care throughout the healthcare industry. By harnessing the cutting-edge solutions offered by Adesso and the expertise of LAUNCH, this collaboration is poised to contribute to healthier lives and brighter futures for women everywhere.


About Heart-Tech Health

Sena Health is a pioneering healthcare company dedicated to enabling healing at home. By Heart-Tech Health created Adesso, a SaaS suite developed by one of the nation’s leading preventative cardiologists. Adesso identifies cardiac risk earlier through its proprietary, comprehensive risk assessment and treats cardiac disease through its fully insured personalized health and wellness programs that improves access to care for all women. Adesso is offered through Insurers, Corporate Wellness Programs and Value-Based Medical Providers and generates tremendous cost savings. The Adesso suite includes the “Addesso Heart Score” used by women to discover their heart risk, and “MyAdesso,” which creates and tracks their personalized prevention journey, ensures compliance, encourages behavioral change through tracking and remote patient monitoring. It also allows them to be more effective advocates for proper testing and medical care. For Providers, the “Adesso Clinical Portal” closely tracks data and offers them a more efficient way to ensure greater outcomes and needed behavior change cooperatively with their patients, through a medically validated personalized prevention strategy. Adesso is the most comprehensive, cost-effective solution for women’s heart health which is transforming how cardiological prevention is being offered.



LAUNCH by FLAACOs is a dynamic platform that partners with member emerging companies, forging connections with some of the nation's most successful Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and value-based care organizations. In addition to this invaluable network, LAUNCH provides access to a diverse portfolio of potential investors, including venture capital funds and strategic partners. At LAUNCH, we prioritize quality over quantity, initially accepting only a select group of organizations that are best suited to support ACOs and enhance value-based healthcare delivery. Our rigorous due diligence process ensures that the products, technologies, and services offered by our partner companies are relevant and highly beneficial to the established FLAACOs membership base. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated on our latest news and insights. To learn more about how LAUNCH can help your organization thrive, visit today.



Kristi R. Stovall, Marketing


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