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Our Portfolio of Companies

Welcome to the LAUNCH by FLAACOs Portfolio Showcase, where we feature exceptional companies partnered with us. Our platform connects emerging companies with leading Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and value-based care organizations. Discover the results of our collaboration and how we're transforming healthcare.


Sena Health

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Sena Health is a pioneering healthcare company dedicated to enabling healing at home. By providing advisory services and advanced technologies, Sena Health empowers medical groups and hospitals to launch healing at home programs, offering hospital-level care where it matters most – in the patient's home. Sena Health operates across six states and is committed to transforming the healthcare industry. For more information about Sena Health and its revolutionary healthcare solutions, please visit or contact Sena Health at 609-888-6039 or


Heart-Tech Health / Adesso

Heart-Tech Health created Adesso, a SaaS suite developed by one of the nation’s leading preventative cardiologists. Adesso identifies cardiac risk earlier through its proprietary, comprehensive risk assessment and treats cardiac disease through its fully insured personalized health and wellness programs that improves access to care for all women. Adesso is offered through Insurers, Corporate Wellness Programs and Value-Based Medical Providers and generates tremendous cost savings. 

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The Adesso suite includes the “Addesso Heart Score” used by women to discover their heart risk, and “MyAdesso,” which creates and tracks their personalized prevention journey, ensures compliance, encourages behavioral change through tracking and remote patient monitoring. It also allows them to be more effective advocates for proper testing and medical care. For Providers, the “Adesso Clinical Portal” closely tracks data and offers them a more efficient way to ensure greater outcomes and needed behavior change cooperatively with their patients, through a medically validated personalized prevention strategy. Adesso is the most comprehensive, cost-effective solution for women’s heart health which is transforming how cardiological prevention is being offered.


Telescope Health

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Telescope Health is a physician-led healthcare solutions company dedicated to reducing barriers to care through innovation, technology, and human connection. Their value-based approach is utilized by ACOs, health systems, health plans, businesses, and individuals seeking on-demand, comprehensive virtual care. Telescope Health's providers navigate patients along their care journey to ensure needs are met effectively and efficiently. For more information about how they're making a difference every day, visit



OptMyCare is a cloud-based descriptive & predictive analytics SaaS product with precision prescriptive solution at a member level for all risk bearing entities. OptMyCare developed the first in market solution that identifies and stratifies all healthcare conditions identifying emerging risk and cost with high accuracy enabling risk bearing entities to prioritize workforce and decrease disease progression.  For more information, visit

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