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Sena Health Announces Strategic Partnership with LAUNCH by FLAACOs

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Pioneering Hospital-Level Care in the Comfort of Home through Innovative Value-Based Partnerships

Jacksonville, FL, October 5, 2023 -- Sena Health, a leader in revolutionizing healthcare by enabling healing at home, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with LAUNCH by FLAACOs. LAUNCH, a renowned platform connecting member start-up companies with prominent ACOs and value-based care organizations, will play a pivotal role in accelerating Sena Health's mission to transform healthcare delivery.

Sena Health, with its commitment to providing hospital-level care in the comfort of patients' homes, has made significant strides in reshaping the healthcare landscape. The company offers comprehensive advisory services and cutting-edge technologies, facilitating the launch of healing at home programs for medical groups and hospitals across six states.

"We have full confidence that our partnership with LAUNCH will lead to valuable connections with ACOs and value-based care organizations interested in leveraging our innovative solutions to enhance their ability to provide hospital-level care in the home." – Dr. Anthony Wehbe, Founder and CEO of Sena Health

LAUNCH by FLAACOs is widely recognized for its ability to identify and connect emerging innovators with the nation's most successful ACOs and value-based care organizations. LAUNCH also provides access to a diverse portfolio of potential investors, including venture capital funds and strategic partners. Membership in LAUNCH is highly selective, with only a handful of organizations believed to be best-suited for supporting ACOs and value-based healthcare delivery being accepted.

"SENA Health's distinctive market positioning holds great promise for our ACO partners. Their model is remarkably intuitive and addresses a long-standing need within the Value-Based Care sphere. The paradigm shift toward cost reduction through patient redirection from conventional hospital settings is nothing short of transformative. We are excited to collaborate with such a distinguished organization." – Jeff Cohen, CEO of LAUNCH by FLAACOs

As part of the partnership, LAUNCH conducted rigorous due diligence on Sena Health to ensure that its products, technologies, and services align with the needs and goals of the established FLAACOs membership base. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Sena Health, opening doors to a broader network of healthcare providers and potential investors who share the vision of enhancing patient care through innovative solutions.


About Sena Health

Sena Health is a pioneering healthcare company dedicated to enabling healing at home. By providing advisory services and advanced technologies, Sena Health empowers medical groups and hospitals to launch healing-at-home programs, offering hospital-level care where it matters most – in the patient's home. Sena Health operates across six states and is committed to transforming the healthcare industry. For more information about Sena Health and its revolutionary healthcare solutions, please visit or contact Sena Health at 609-888-6039 or



LAUNCH by FLAACOs is a dynamic platform that partners with member emerging companies, forging connections with some of the nation's most successful Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and value-based care organizations. In addition to this invaluable network, LAUNCH provides access to a diverse portfolio of potential investors, including venture capital funds and strategic partners. At LAUNCH, we prioritize quality over quantity, initially accepting only a select group of organizations that are best suited to support ACOs and enhance value-based healthcare delivery. Our rigorous due diligence process ensures that the products, technologies, and services offered by our partner companies are relevant and highly beneficial to the established FLAACOs membership base. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated on our latest news and insights. To learn more about how LAUNCH can help your organization thrive, visit today.



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